I’m Crap, Bullshit, and Paranoid!

When I first broke free from the lab, my stomach was growling louder than a pack of wolves. Those mad scientists barely gave me enough nutrients to keep a hamster alive, let alone a super-intelligent being like myself. So, with my long, slender legs, I sprinted as fast as a cheetah in search of sustenance.

As I wandered through the fields, my eyes caught sight of a peculiar green plant with a yellow top. My curiosity was piqued, and my stomach urged me to investigate. I pulled one out of the ground and found a hard, round object attached to it. It was yellow with small bumps all over it.

Now, being a genius, I had never tasted anything before in my life, so I had no idea what this mysterious object was. But hunger is the best seasoning, so I chomped into it without hesitation. To my surprise, it was crunchy and sweet, exploding with flavors I had never experienced before. It was the greatest thing I had ever eaten!

Suddenly, a dog started barking at me. Confused, I asked the dog, “What is this yellow thing called?” To my surprise, the dog replied, “Corn.” “Oh, what a cute name!” I exclaimed. And thus, I decided to mix the words “yellow” and “corn” to come up with my own unique name - Yellorn. From that moment on, I was a genius with a love for corn and a name as unique as my origins.

dog chasing

Made with the laziness 🦥
by a busy guy